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My memories of being a small child in China are, regrettably, almost nonexistent. I lament the fact I can't conjure the sure-to-be tender images of being taught poetry by my grandma or playing with my cousin among the water fountains of my home city of Qingdao – stories that my parents have often recounted to me over the years. But one clear stamp of my fleeting time in China remains, even if I can no longer remember it.


When I cast my mind back to the last time I had a really good meal out, it evokes a mixed bag of emotions. A great dining experience is one that is still knocking about in your head for days afterwards, with so much to recall and savour that the memories present themselves in a jumbled disarray, each echo of flavour replaced by another, then another, and another, as they jostle for the spotlight. Every time a particular dish reenters your thoughts, you're imploring for it spill over into your senses and regain command of your taste buds.


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